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The challenge with most business owners or those entrusted to run a business on behalf of an owner or listed organization is stagnation, doing things the way that have always been done.


This is the first stage of collapse and if you fight it you are the problem and possible cause of the collapse. Is that your legacy?


Creating change, disrupting your business or starting something new is best started in winter, not a physical winter but an economic one and right now the world has entered a long extended economic winter.


If you are in tune with your business and the economic and political environment, you know that a change is needed, a drastic change possibly. 


How long has your business been doing things the same way?

What radical changes have you implemented in the last 5 years?

How has your bottom line been affected in the past 12 months?

What ground breaking strategies are you implementing now and over the next 6 months?

Within your gut, are you  aware that you are stagnating and dragging your business down?


Let me stand by you while you lower yourself into the icy waters, slowly and deliberately and help you get accustomed to a new way of doing things, a new direction, a temperature change that leads to invigoration and verve on your terms.


If you are one of the few surviving self aware CEO’s, lets have a discussion and evaluate one another and decide on the next steps.


I am a business strategist and disruption driver. I have consulted with numerous business owners, government officials and CEO’s.

This is a large and the most fulfilling part of my business.


Due to the privacy of the clients I work with, you will appreciate my confidentiality and such will be extended to you.

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