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Passionate about inspiring others

I have always been a serial entrepreneur, interspersed with consulting to the corporate market in banking, aviation and finance, always going back to another business and this made me realise that  strategy and power is what I’m best at. With successful and failed businesses I am a survivor and will always get back up after I've fallen.

I strongly believe we all have this energy and drive within us. 

One key instrument in taking charge and control of our lives is to identify our strengths and never be held ransom to our fears our monkey minds play on us.


A I have always been intrigued by Power, mainly the abuse of power within corporate, private business, governments and individuals and I have always tried to understand what I as an individual can do to grow my own strength and tap into the power I wield within myself. Why do that? Well if its not blatantly obvious, controlling your own power and energy is the key to taking control of your life, changing your circumstances, disrupting your comfort zone and taking control of your income, your relationships and your happiness.


Our lives have and are being disrupted on a daily basis by external forces and if these disruptions make you uncomfortable then don't you think its time to disrupt your own live on your own terms and dictate your own outcome?

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