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It has taken me years, probably the majority of my life to identify who I really am and what makes me tick, they always say you need to remember back when you were younger and see what you loved doing and for me that was always helping others and that truly is the one thing that brings me the greatest joy and happiness. As a small boy I recall clearly comforting family members and trying to encourage them, even if at that stage I didn't know what that meant, I didn't need to understand, I just knew what was instinctual and I did it.



As much as we may not believe it, you are powerful in ways that you have never imagined. 


We may tell ourselves we cant change things, we complain endlessly to anyone that may listen but we don't stand up and be a part of the solution, even if it is only a solution for ourselves as a start. Our default is that our partner, employer, government must be obeyed and what the way it is is the way it will always be, no matter how uncomfortable.


If this commentary is one you are playing, its time to stop and search internally for your own power, its within you, it never left, it never died, you just have to reach deep inside and touch it, create the spark and bring it back to life.

Have you realised that this world has a set of rules that have to be obeyed?

Do you know that the plays of power are affecting you daily and the only way to turn them to your benefit is to understand the plays?


Are you aware of your current mental and emotional state and the affects its having on you?

What state is your consciousness and do you know it will define your responses until you change it?


The playing field is complex but cannot be ignored if you are determined to stand on the summit of your personal success.


Disrupting your energy and current situation is one of the most challenging things you can do for your future, to take your current environment and turn it upside down when you are clearly in your comfort zone.


When you are broken and down, there is no other option, your life has been disrupted but you have to be crazy to do so when life is relatively good? Well yes and its critically important you do just that, no matter how irrational it seems.

What do you do when you have a home and food on the table but you live in an environment of abuse? You have a job that pays the bills but deep down wish you had your own business? When you give up your freedom to your government for perceived security.


Disrupting your live in ever aspect is virtually impossible, but only because the fear has a grip so strong that only the strong will make the change.

Notice: Disruption carries the risk of becoming addictive to change and stepping up and out of your comfort zone.





What if you learnt that the Power within you, which seems ineffable is utterly effable?


First we need to understand the term of ineffable and effable.


Ineffable is "too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words and effable is "able to describe in words".


So how can power be used in these terms? Its human nature to have a need to express and we fail to stand up to our power because its unexplained in our own minds.

Only when we have that clear understanding can we begin our journey to stepping into our power.


Ask anyone what they think of people in positions of power and you will be faced with expletives and rants of evil, unethical, manipulative and oppressive and many people in power are seldom far from these descriptions.


Ask those who are in a position of power and they will state that they are confident, focused with the ability to work a situation to their benefit.


Two very different views on a topic that's been debated for centuries while those in power no longer debate but make use of the plays of power that move them forward in their lives regardless of the opinions of others.


Are we to sit back and berate those who care nothing for our views of them or do we understand the game and begin playing the game on their field?


Brett Mark Preston © 2020

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